Why take this class

Do you want to learn about how to use Google and Yahoo to a more in-depth level than the average student? Do you want to know where and how to find interesting blogs, images, and podcasts? How about RSS feeds and email alerts? Do you want to know how to use software to monitor Web pages without programming? Finally, do you want to learn how to stay current on developments in all of these areas after you leave UM? (After all, technology is going to continue to change after you leave school.)

If so, this class is for you. (If not, then run far, far away.)

In this course we will learn all about the above. We will explore these tools from the perspective of an undergrad who will soon be entering the workforce and will have to successfully, efficiently, and effectively gather and monitor information on many topics. This is not a class about building Web pages or writing HTML or using delicious.com — it is about finding information on the Web and having it delivered to you with a minimum of effort. You will conduct and write up and experiment in which you compare two web search tools. You will also write a report in which you describe web resources needed to find and track information related to two different topics. You will get participation credit in the course in a variety of ways (of your choice), including writing a blog, creating a podcast, creating a tutorial, teaching the class how to use a particular Web resource, etc. Finally, there will be two small tests (but no final exam) during the semester.

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