Web Tools

We will use most, if not all, of the following Web sites during the semester.

Web search

  • Google : the king of all search engines
  • Yahoo : the former king but no small potatoes

Clustering search engine

  • Clusty : clusters your search results into related sites. Can help you refine a search.
  • Grokker : an interactive tool for understanding the clusters of results returned by your searches
  • Mooter : a visual clustering search engine
  • iBoogie : a clustering search engines for Web pages
  • SurfWax : a tool for finding and using information

News monitor

  • Yahoo News : news monitor and search for Yahoo
  • Google News : news monitor and search for Google.
  • FindArticles : search millions of articles from leading academic, industry and general interest publications

Paid news search and monitoring services

  • Hoovers : news and business search engine (Ross has a subscription; access this through Kresge)
  • Northern Light : contains newswire and journal articles not available on the public Web ($9.95/month)

Page monitor

Email alerts

Blog searching

Keyword searchable RSS feed generator

  • Kebberfegg : a tool for generating keyword-based feeds from multiple resources

Other information tools

  • Dapper : a service which makes it easy to access and distribute content from any website
  • Yahoo Pipes : an interactive feed aggregator and manipulator
  • Screen Scraper : extracts information from Web sites
  • openkapow : allows for an easy point and click interface to mashup anything on the web that has a URL
  • furl : find, share, and save Web pages (not just bookmarks)

Student reference tools

Other tools

  • Bloglines : a Web-based tool for managing RSS feeds
  • TiddlyWiki : a reusable non-linear personal web notebook
  • delicious : a Web site for managing bookmarks
  • Firefox : the web browser that you should be using when browsing the Web
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