Web-based information resources

This is the home page for BIT330, “Web-based information resources”, taught by Scott Moore at the Ross School of Business in Fall (September—December) 2008. This site has all the information you will need for this class, including assignments, the schedule, and a place to post questions.

If you're wondering why you might want to take this class, then you should watch this video.

Here is a page that lists the best search tools for business students that we discussed and explored this semester.

Schedule (show all)

Date Title
12/08/2008 27 Wrap Up
We wrap up this semester's activities.
12/03/2008 26 Yahoo
We have a visitor from Yahoo.
12/01/2008 25 Metasearch Engines
We discuss and evaluate metasearch engines.
11/26/2008 24 Other Search Sites
We explore many of the most recently created search engines.
11/24/2008 23 Google
We have a visitor from Google.

Topics discussed

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Industry updates (show all)

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Last edited Title
21 Jan 2009 16:46 Links To All Student Projects
Here are the links to all of the final projects.
18 Dec 2008 21:54 General Feedback About The Term Projects
I will be posting your course grades sometime late Thursday. I have finished recording your assignment grades on the Web site.
01 Dec 2008 01:21 RSS Feeds And Your Term Project
I noticed several things about RSS feeds and the difference for those who handle this part better than others:
01 Dec 2008 00:48 Hint About CSEs And Your Term Project
I have read a bunch of blogs about your custom search engines, and have had the opportunity to look at your CSEs fairly in-depth. Some observations:
24 Nov 2008 00:19 Grades For Project Status Report 3
Here's information about the grades for this status report.

Final projects

Here are the links to all of the final projects.

  1. Investment Banking Industry by bryblumbryblum
  2. Alternative Energy in the US by Eric BrackmannEric Brackmann
  3. Start Up Process by dylanbdylanb
  4. HIV/AIDS Non Profit Initiatives by CaitdCaitd
  5. Automobile Industry by HcflowHcflow
  6. SEMCOG Transit Panel by thauckthauck
  7. Software-as-a-Service by BrianHeM10BrianHeM10
  8. Mortgage Industry by HermatzHermatz
  9. Walt Disney Pictures by Susan KennedySusan Kennedy
  10. U.S. Travel Services: Airlines by laytosplaytosp
  11. Internet Infrastructure by tmuirtmuir
  12. Apple the Company by dpnickdpnick
  13. OIL: U.S. and the World by roopakroopak
  14. Defense & Aerospace Industry by mlrossitmlrossit
  15. Music Recording Industry by schmidkeschmidke
  16. Social Networking by jenstanjenstan

Blog entries (show all)

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Last edited Title
09 Dec 2008 14:02 Airline Industry Wiki (by laytosplaytosp)
I did my wiki on the unstable, inefficient U.S. airline industry. The contents of my site are fairly basic and easy to follow, but I will highlight some of the more interesting parts for you:
09 Dec 2008 06:07 Software-as-a-Service Wiki (by BrianHeM10BrianHeM10)
The purpose of my Wiki was to inform an industry analyst about what is Software-as-a-Service, why it is important, and how to stay up-to-date with the latest news. Due to many different aspects and companies within the SaaS industry, I chose to focus on only four of biggest players - Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and SalesForce.com. After evaluating a set of search tools and relevant RSS feeds, I provided the industry analyst with a tutorial on how to use my Wiki to its fullest potential and continue following the SaaS industry.
10 Dec 2008 03:59 Investment Banking Industry Wiki (by bryblumbryblum)
My last blog entry of BIT330? My last interaction with Wikidot, ever? (I know, Professor Moore is cringing when he hears that. Don't worry, I promise to use Wikidot in the future). Well, here goes nothing…
09 Dec 2008 04:22 Alternative Energy Wiki (by Eric BrackmannEric Brackmann)
Well, as you know, my wiki dives into the fun and exciting world of alternative energy in the US. Some of the content is more fun and exciting than others… Nonetheless, there are few things to note while looking around my site.
06 Dec 2008 17:24 New Ways to Search? (by bryblumbryblum)
“ ‘Other Search Sites’? You’ve got to be kidding me! There are more search sites than the hundreds we’ve already gone over? It never ends!” Those were my thoughts as I glanced at the schedule before last week’s “Other Search Sites” class. We’ve already covered news, information, pictures, videos, people, maps, and music. What is there left to search?
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