Search industry update

Here's a description of what this assignment entails. (The sign-up page is here.)

  • You are responsible for one Google or Yahoo or search industry update (added to this site, not yours)
  • When adding the page, use the "industry" category plus the lecture number plus the company name (or "search"). For example, consider the following two situations:
    • For day "04" an update on Yahoo would be named "industry:04yahoo" — this will bring up the proper template and allow us to organize the update information more easily.
    • For class 14 an update on the search industry would be named "industry:14search".
  • The page should be written and posted to the site by the time class starts.
  • Your responsibility for this assignment is to provide some update of what has gone on in the industry or with the two companies. You should provide links to sites that describe the events (or to sites that comment on the events) as well as provide your impressions or your understanding of what all of this means to you or the companies.
  • At the beginning of class on the day your update is due, you will provide a quick 2 minute summary of what went on in the previous week.
  • Sign up on this page as soon as possible.
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