27 Wrap Up

We wrap up this semester's activities.

Class held on 12/08/2008. Student notes are available on this page. Possible questions are available on this page.

My notes

  1. You must already be done with your project.
    • It must be public.
    • You must not touch it from now until you see your class grade posted in Wolverine Access.
    • You should have created a backup (if not, start the process right now). Send it to me at the same time (or before!) you post your blog on the class site.
    • Be sure that your project description and link on this page are correct.
    • Please keep your project wiki public if you don't mind. It would be quite helpful for me and future students to see them when they work on their projects. Thanks.
  2. Blogs should all be turned in by now — that is, you should have entered all necessary information into the Grade database (of course, except for the blog entry that I will use to help guide my grading of your project wiki — and you don't need to enter this into the grade database anyway since I'm not grading it).
    • It would be helpful if there were a link to your project's home page within this blog entry.
    • Also, it would help if you tagged your entry with the words [class project] plus any appropriate words for the topic of your project.
  3. We will soon start the 2 minute presentations about your projects.
    • The topic of your project
    • The strongest and most interesting parts of his or her project wiki.
  4. I will talk for a bit about the class.


You can fill out evaluations for this course from Sunday, 12/07/08 at 6pm until Wed, 12/10/08 at 6pm. I encourage all of you to do so. Thanks. In the comments section, here's what I'd like to hear:

  • What went well?
    1. What would you make sure that I not change about this course? Think about class time, my lectures, the lack of readings, the emphasis on the term project (in terms of activities and exercises) — would any of those fall in this category? Anything else?
    2. Did you learn anything in this course? If so, what were the most valuable things you learned?
  • What needs to be improved?
    1. What would you change about this course? Again, think about the range of things I mentioned above (as well as anything else).
    2. Would you make this course 1.5 credit hours?
  • General comments/suggestions.
    1. Will you encourage your friends to take this course? Why or why not? If so, how will you do this (that is, what would you emphasize)? If not, is there anything that I could change that would change your mind?
    2. Comment on the course wiki. What did you like about it? What didn't you like about it? Any recommendations?
    3. Did the two guest speakers add to the class? Why or why not?
    4. When you came to class, did you find the class time useful? The exercises? The lectures and demonstrations? How could it be made more useful?
    5. Comment on the industry updates that students did during the semester.
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