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We have a visitor from Yahoo.

Class held on 12/03/2008. Student notes are available on this page. Possible questions are available on this page.

Next (last) class

  • You must be done working on your project by 11:30am on Monday, December 8.
    • It must be public by 11:30am.
    • You must not touch it until you see your class grade posted in Wolverine Access.
    • BTW, I would really really appreciate you keeping this public for the next couple of years (at least) so that future students can see it and learn from it.
  • All assignments (blogs) must be turned in by Monday at the beginning of class.
  • Your blog (as described a couple classes ago) is due on Tuesday at 8pm.
    • By the end of Tuesday 12/9, I would like a short blog entry (it would be approximately one page if printed) on this class site that basically summaries this information (and covers those things that you would have liked to have covered if you had been given more time). The point of this blog entry is to make it easier for me to grade your assignment. You want to point out the good things about your site so that I don't overlook them. Point out those parts that took particular effort on your part or that you think are deserving of special attention (for some reason) on my part. This entry won't be graded per se; I will use it as a guide while grading your project.
  • Each person in the class will make a 2 minute (not one second more) presentation that clarifies the following:
    • The topic of your project
    • The strongest and most interesting parts of his or her project wiki.
  • Be sure that your project description and link on this page are correct.
  • One (more) thing to do for the final project due date:
    • Make a backup. Go to Site Manager/Backup.
    • Then make a backup. This can take a while. Check back with this page eventually (in an hour?).
    • By the time you turn in your blog (by posting it to the site), you should download the zip file containing your project wiki, and then email the zip file to me.
    • This is protection in case of any wikidot weirdness. Thanks.

Today's class

Here is what I heard from our speaker, Aaron Letscher, on Monday after class:

I’ll focus my discussion on how Yahoo helps small/middle/large Publishers to monetize their content in the fragmented world of online media. However, it’s my hope that we have a lively Q&A like last year. Nothing is off limits for the students to ask about, including Jerry Yang resigning, can Yahoo compete with Google, should Yahoo give up search, etc. I look forward to an open and candid conversation.

Let's have a great conversation with our speaker.

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