24 Other Search Sites

We explore many of the most recently created search engines.

Class held on 11/26/2008. Student notes are available on this page. Possible questions are available on this page.

Class structure

  1. Go through “At beginning of class” information
  2. Go through highlights of some of the amazing search tools that are available.
  3. Work on exercises

At beginning of class

  1. Google — review
  2. Rest of the semester:
    1. 12/01: Metasearch engines
    2. 12/03: Yahoo (this will be good)
      • same protocol for the visit
    3. 12/08: Semester summary, project unveiling
      • By the time class begins, you should have made your site public. You need to keep it public at least until the beginning of next semester (early January). At that point you can do anything you want with it, though I would prefer that it be kept public.
      • Each person in the class will make a 2 minute (not one second more) presentation that clarifies the following:
        • The topic of your project
        • The strongest and most interesting parts of his or her project wiki.
      • By the end of Tuesday 12/9, I would like a short blog entry (it would be approximately one page if printed) on this class site that basically summaries this information (and covers those things that you would have liked to have covered if you had been given more time). The point of this blog entry is to make it easier for me to grade your assignment. You want to point out the good things about your site so that I don't overlook them. Point out those parts that took particular effort on your part or that you think are deserving of special attention (for some reason) on my part. This entry won't be graded per se; I will use it as a guide while grading your project.
  3. You still need to post blog entries that received a “10”
  4. Go over any other announcements you might have missed since last class.
  5. Check the start page for any blogs you might be interested in that you might have missed.

My notes

Alternative standard search

  1. SearchMe (about): visual search
  2. CoolIris — the coolest browser search plugin ever
  3. iSeek (about): focuses on ways to refine your search quickly and easily
  4. Quintura (about): visual information web
    • example: [detroit lions], [carbon trading]
  5. SenseBot In-depth search (about): in-depth summaries of Web pages on a topic plus a tag cloud
    • example: [carbon trading] (50 pages and 20 sentences) — really interesting.
  6. Hakia (about): quality, not just popular, search results
  7. Exalead (about): thumbnails, search expansion
  8. Cluuz (about): advanced results display
  9. Evri (about): summary information, relationships, facts, web search, images, videos
  10. UBExact (video, about)
  11. Njouba (about): general search, also for mp3, rapidshare, book, torrent, video, image, ftp
  12. Scour (about): social-based search results
  13. Cuil (about): searches based on content and relevance, not user data or popularity
  14. FactBites (about): results based on content analysis instead of link popularity
  15. Kosmix (about): a well-organized set of results
  16. Lexxe (about): lexical analysis and clustered results
  17. Search Cloud (help): use of a “cloud tag” interface to create the queries
    • example: [carbon trading, environment, credits (in decreasing order)]
  18. Viewzi (about): multiple results views

Wikipedia search

Social information search

Health search




  1. SiloBreaker (about): a news search engine; really strong
    • example: carbon credits, [make "carbon credits" a keyphrase], [click on Network], [click on Trends]
  2. Tip of my tongue (about): find words
  3. Abbreviations ([* about]): find abbreviations and acronyms by category
  4. CarZen (about): automobile search
  5. The best movie location search engines: this doesn't find where movies are playing — it finds where movies have been shot on location
  6. LoanKrunch (about): mortgage search engine
  7. Circos (about): restaurant and hotel search based on your personality type
  8. IconFinder (about): exactly what it says!
  9. Picitup Visual Search: image search
  10. IconLook ([* about]): an icon search engine
  11. Snooth (about): wine search
  12. Enormo (about): property search

Collections of search engines


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