09 News Search

We learn about the major news search tools, as well as how to integrate them with your knowledge of RSS.

Class held on 10/01/2008. Student notes are available on this page. Possible questions are available on this page.

Class structure

  1. Go through “At beginning of class” information
  2. I'll lecture for a bit (using some slides).
  3. Work on exercises.

At beginning of class

On your own

  1. Be sure to have all of your information entered under “Basic/Grades”. Otherwise, I can't record your grades!
    • Do not leave class today if your information is not entered into the SiteMaker site.
  2. Personal
    • My wife's MRI came back with less-than-encouraging news.
    • She now has a biopsy scheduled for next Monday during class. I should be with her.
    • So we're not having class next Monday.
  3. Check who is doing class notes for today. I had to change this a bit for this class and next Monday because of the previous item.
  4. Assignments
    • Because of the turmoil of yesterday in my family, I didn't get much grading done.
    • I hope to have more graded soon.
    • I hope to discuss the search tool data analysis assignment next class.
  5. Go over any other announcements you might have missed since last class.
  6. Check the start page for any blogs you might be interested in that you might have missed.
  7. From now on you don't have to “turn in” blogs with a piece of paper. You simply need to record the page within the SiteMaker page. I will be able to see that the page doesn't have a grade and will grade it (with a goal of the next class for the rest of the semester).

I'll go over

  1. Let's look over the upcoming industry updates.
  2. A little feedback about this class compared to last year
  3. Industry updates
    • None today


News search

Print newspapers

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