02-Web search

Discuss basics of Web search and why students should use multiple search tools (rather than just Google).

Class held on 09/08/2008. Student notes are available on this page. Possible questions are available on this page.

At beginning of class

  1. Take role.
  2. Convince someone to take notes and post them for today's class
  3. By now you should have done the following. This is not optional. This is not to do later. These sign-ups are due today.
    1. Become a WikiDot member
    2. Become a member of the the BIT330 web site
    3. Read through the major pages of the wiki and looked through the rest of it
    4. You should have signed up for class notes or questions (as described on the assignments page)
    5. You should have signed up for search industry updates (as described on this page).
  4. The structure of today's class is going to be fairly standard for the rest of the semester:
    • Start off with announcements and taking questions and comments.
    • Lecture for a bit. This lecture will be something of an overview and will provide the motivation and background for the exercises that you will complete and the assignments that you will have to work on.
    • Provide some time for you to start on your exercises (which will allow you to explore the specifics of the topic that my lecture introduces).

My notes

  1. Go through “At beginning of class”
  2. Make presentation with slides
  3. Go through the search syntax page
  4. Discuss the Search tool data assignment
  5. Talk about blogging
  6. Point out the exercises for today; they should start working on these as soon as I'm done talking.
  7. Point out the “To do after class” section on this page

To do after class

  1. Finish the Web search exercises.
  2. Read the Web search overview.
  3. Read Life before Google.
  4. Start working on the Search tool data assignment. It's due in one week.
  5. You should be very, very familiar with the search syntax page by the next class


  1. Life before Google
  2. Search syntax — for both Google and Yahoo.
  3. Today's slides
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