Description of what the course is about, what we'll do in the class, why students should take it, why all their friends should take it.

Class held on 09/03/2008. Student notes are available on this page. Possible questions are available on this page.

My notes

  1. Introduce myself.
  2. Go through the class pitch
    • At the end of the pitch have a discussion about the merits of the class, what they're thinking, what they think sounds good, what sounds confusing.
    • My slides (slides at SlideShare)
  3. Take role; use the Photo Roster
  4. Course wiki
  5. Discuss interesting parts of class from my perspective:
    • practical
    • class wiki (that is open, evolves, contains forum & blog)
    • individualized learning
    • project-centric
    • your own wiki
    • revised from last year (projects, due dates, reading)
    • web-based almost completely
    • lots of small tasks; can't fall behind

To do

  1. Sign up as WikiDot member
  2. Apply for membership to the BIT330 web site.
  3. Read the following pages in this wiki: schedule, syllabus, assignments.
  4. Look through the rest of the course wiki.
    1. Choose every menu item in the wiki and see what it gets you. Note that I didn't say you have to read everything in the wiki — just know what's here so that you can find it at the appropriate time.
    2. You'll definitely want to note the discussion forum in case you have any questions.
  5. Sign up for class notes or questions (as described on the assignments page).
  6. Sign up for search industry updates (as described on this page).
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