16 Image Search

1. Which image search engine allows you to upload images and search for related images?

a. Pixolu

b. Exolead

c. Picitup

d. Tineye

2. Which image search engine is German based and also Professor Moore's favorite?

a. Pixolu

b. Exalead

c. Picitup

d. Tineye

3. Of the image search engines that require a royalty, which one does Professor Moore use (despite its insanely high cost)?

a. StockXpert

b. DreamsTime

c. iStockPhoto

d. Getty Images

4. Which image search engine allows you to create an account and store your 'favorite photos'?

a. Exalead

b. Picitup

c. Google Image Search

d. Flickr

5. What is the relationship between Flickr and Compflight?

a. They are the exact same company

b. Compflight is a device to search Flickr database

c. Flickr is a search tool for Compflight

d. There is no relationship, completely independent companies.

6. Can you search for news images directly from Google News Search

a. True

b. False


1. d
2. a
3. c
4. a
5. b
6. b

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