04 Search Techniques And Strategies

1. Which one of the following would not be a correct search for bit330f08.wikidot.com?

a. inurl:wikidot
b. site:bit330f08
c. site:wikidot.com
d. inurl: bit330f08
e. none of the above

2. T/F

The asterik symbol (*) adds a single wild-card word to your search.

3. Which of the following is not useful to include when searching for a place?

a. area code
b. name of the business
c. address
d. the word "official"
e. none of the above

4. T/F

When starting a search query, it is always better to start with a general query and then narrow your search later on.

5. T/F

Using different name forms can return different results.

6. The correct query to perform a search for tigers but not the Detroit Tigers, with zoo in the url would be:

a. tigers -Detroit Tigers inurl:zoo
b. tigers -Detroit -Tigers site:zoo
c. tigers -"Detroit Tigers" inurl:zoo
d. tigers -"Detroit Tigers" site:zoo
e. none of the above

7. T/F - Using ' ' and " " produces different results.

ANSWERS: 1.b 2.F 3.e 4.F 5.T 6.c 7. F

Short Answer Topics

1. List three search query operators.

2. Explain two query modifiers can be used to get different results about the same topic.

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