21 People Search notes

Today's class covered the different tools that can be utilized when you are searching for people. This category of search tools hasn't really settled. Just a big mass of tools out there. Some useful tools disappeared since last year. Many new tools have emerged this year.

General People Search

Google, Yahoo, Ask, Cluuz. Through Google you can use the special search syntax of phonebook:, which will search all phone listings. Also, you can narrow your search for either residential or business listings simply by adding a rphonebook: for residential and bphonebook: for business. This is all pretty neat stuff. All these tools apply to Yahoo, Ask, and Cluuz. Professor Moore provided an article that assists in defining your query for Google searches. This can be helpful if you aren't skilled in your query defining.

Through our quick research performed by our exercises we completed in class we found these general search engines to retrieve the most relevant results. Surprise, surprise.

Various People Search Engines

We then took a quick look at 15 different people search engines. To name a few:

We tried to figure out the different search engines to determine which one was better and of more use for us. Most of the databases provided standard searches, which are people search and phone number. Some of the information retrieved by the various sites was a little weird. For instance, iSearch provided a list of relatives.

Social Sites

Social site searches have come up big in recent years. linkedIn commonly used by professionals. Professor Moore noted that he uses it frequently. Most of the results retrieved for my query: "Paige Laytos" were my facebook account.

Specialized Searches

A lot of specialized tools: doctor finder, finding people's birthdays, and a military search.

Obituary Specific Sites

Obituary searches allow you to retrieve data on relatives that have passed away. The Obituary Daily Times is provided by a guy who enjoys obituaries. (Hmm…)

Today's Exercises

Today go through exercises and for each resource search for the same person all 19 times. After come up there and scribe whether you found them or not. Search then for you home phone and gather information which database is good. Currently there is no information out there as to which one is better, they all just say they are new.

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