09 News Search


Today we learned about half of what we’re getting out of this class!

Issue: Information on the internet is doubling every so many years largely because of developing news. This makes finding and monitoring news items overwhelming!

Action: Learn how to use specialized news search tools to monitor the news

Why is news search different?

Focus: news searches focus on mainly on accredited news sites (credibility is key!)

Priorities: Time and Place are of greater importance than with normal searches

Desired features: Response time, Relevance, Update speed, and Quality of sources

  • About half of the tools on last year’s presentation no longer exist and about a third of this year’s tools didn’t exist last year. Many of the sites no longer exist because they lacked the money to keep up in update speed! (Not as stable as you would think.)

Most essential sort option: Time or date

  • By the time you hear a story now, it’s usually already in the news searches.
  • An example that demonstrates the importance of this sorting: A story about the bankruptcy of United Airlines came up as the first result five or six years after the fact and the stock dropped by something like 70%! (Can you imagine the lawsuits with that one?)

Special features: ranking/sorting, about location, RSS feeds, categories, photos
i.e. If you want to work for Target Corp., you can submit a query about Minneapolis (location of headquarters).

News Search Engines

Major Internet-based News Providers: Yahoo! News, Google News, and Altavista

Where to go:

  • Local Newspapers —> Newsvoyager - allows you to find local newspapers from U.S., Canada, and college newspapers (not so up-to-date)
  • Historical News —> Google News - free and great!
  • International news —> World News - delivers breaking news from all over the world in 43 languages!

For more news search sources and print newspapers, go to the class notes page and look under "Resources."

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