Office location

For this semester, my office is in the old BBA Program Office. This is on the "bridge" between Kresge and Wyly. You can get to my office in one of two ways:

  • From the library, go down the long hallway towards Admissions. Just before you get to Admissions, turn down the hallway to your right. Go to the end of the hallway towards the elevator. My office is the last office on the left before you get to the elevator.
  • Enter the Executive Residence from East University. Go through the sliding glass doors. See the elevators to your left? Take them to the 2nd floor. Get off the elevator, take 5 steps forward. My office is the first office on your right.

BTW, the new BBA Program Office is located in E2540 (right down the hall from me), where Admissions and Student Services have been housed for the last few years.


Dr. Scott A. Moore
Ross School of Business, E2616
710 East University
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1234

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Office Hours

I will hold "office hours" on Monday from 4-5pm; additionally, I will also try to ensure that I am available for the rest of Monday afternoon from 1:30-4pm. If neither of these times work, then please come by my office at any time. If you knock and I answer or if my door is open, then I'm available to talk (about this class, the BBA Program, or anything at all).

Asking me questions electronically

My much preferred method of communication is to use the forum on this site. I check this several times every day and will respond promptly. I cannot guarantee the same if you email me; you might get lost in the flood! If you do email me, please put BIT330 at the beginning of the subject line; this will help my email program highlight your email.

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