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I will discuss three different updates/releases in the search industry and why they are important to you.



123people is a new people search engine planned to be released later this week (its currently in beta form). It's designed to search the social web to gather and identify information from publicly available social websites. The results contain information from (among others):

  • Social media profiles (Facebook, Myspace, Linkedln)
  • Instant Messenger Profiles such as AIM or Twitter
  • Newspaper articles
  • Phone numbers and emails


This is similar to other social web search engines like Peek You or Wink, but tries to separate itself with its unique results interface. After submitting a query, the results are displayed in boxes depending on what category they are defined. For example, when I searched my last name, it displays the images that match this query along the top row, followed by numerous other boxes divided into two columns (email addresses, phone numbers, websites, facebook profiles, videos, blogs, documents, and even Amazon usernames).


When compared to other social web search engines, 123people lacks in a few areas. First, the site gives you the option of searching people in various locations, but it limits it to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United States, and World (its an Austrian company with German emphasis). This is great for us, but how about the hundreds of other countries? Additionally, Peek You or Wink offer the ability to search user names on the main page, whereas 123people does not. Although you can search for user names, you have to take an indirect route.

My Thoughts

Personally, I am not a big fan of the idea of a social web search. I understand that all of this information is available on pubic websites, but I found it somewhat creepy that this site organizes my life into one page for anyone person to view. With sites like Peek You, the person you are searching for needs to have an active profile on the site to retrieve specific information. However, I did find the interface to be very intriguing. I liked the idea of how my search query was divided into categories such as websites, videos, documents, images, and blogs all on one page. I think this concept could be very user beneficial for other alternative search engines. Overall, the search engine was very effective in retrieving my results and is worth using depending on your task.

Eyealike Unveils Image & Video Recognition Ads


Eyealike, a visual-based search innovator, has recently unveiled software that will revolutionize the way people advertise on the web. Currently, sites like Google and Yahoo! use a text-based function to provide relevant advertisements to the user based on keywords. Social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace use demographic information to target their ads, such as age, gender, ethnicity, or geography. Eyealike's VisualAd software trumps both of those. The advertisement agency now can recognize features of images, videos, and pictures on the web to be able to "see" their consumer.

“Keywords and profile data tell us a lot about users, but imagine being able to serve up relevant ads to consumers based on facial or physical attributes, or specific objects in images or videos such as Gucci sunglasses, or even logos like Nike,” said Greg Heuss, president of Eyealike. “With the visual nature of the Internet coupled with the vast amount of user-generated content, Eyealike VisualAd delivers the first real solution that helps websites comprehend the context of images and videos and uses this intelligence to present relevant ads that reach targeted customers.”

How It Works


Eyealike VisualAd combines smart facial feature recognition and artificial intelligence matching technologies with 3D model-driven analysis. Using patent pending, multi-phase pruning technology - which clips short snippets of visual-based clues in images and videos to quickly, filter, sift and accurately identify images, motion, and facial features. This approach helps websites anonymously use publicly viewable images and videos in a persons’ profile, regardless of whether they are tagged, to ascertain personal information in a private manner that can be used to serve up relevant advertisement. (From Article)

For example, suppose your Facebook profile picture is of you playing soccer, using this software, they can detect the image and purposely advertise for the new FIFA game or popular soccer jerseys.

My Impression

When I first read this article, I was truly amazed. I think this is going to change the way we think of advertising. With Google's and various social network's growing popularity, web advertising has become the best way to market your product/company. I can't even tell you how many advertisements I see a day while checking my Gmail or visiting Facebook. Eyealike's VisualAd software will make ads that much more relevant and further increase the competitiveness of online advertising. It's hard to imagine this type of advancement in technology and leaves me to wonder what comes next in visual detectability and recognition.

Tip'd: Social Community for Economics News Launch



Tip'd is a recently launched social community designed to let users post, vote, and comment on stories specifically geared towards the financial situation. For those familiar with Digg, Mixx, or Sphinn, Tip'd is the same concept, but geared to capitalized on the increased interest in the financial markets.

“Social news in the traditional format, like Digg, has too broad a focus to do justice to any specific niche,” says Tip’d Community Director Muhammad Saleem. “Given the political and economic climate, and people’s renewed interest in the finance sector as well as personal finance, we think now is the perfect time to launch Tip’d.”

The posted stories can be organized into different categories, such as Stocks, Economy, Personal Finance, and Real Estate. This feature allows you to obtain specific news about your desired interest.

My Insight

An interesting quirk I found is the ability to filter for "Upcoming News." I thought to myself, is this someone predicting future news? After playing around with the feature, I realized it was the most up to date news (generally posted minutes ago) that will become "national" news very soon. I think this type of social forum can be extremely helpful to stay up to date on breaking financial news or discover how other people feel about the situation. I would recommend this site to anyone interested in finance as its very focused and effective.


I hope this update provides you with some insight on the different search engines out there and how quickly the search industry is evolving. Eyealike's VisualAd will probably transform advertising, and 123people and Tip'd are excellent resources for your ever-changing needs. I would recommend visiting several search websites periodically just to see what's new and how you could benefit. The most relevant sources I found were Search Engine Land, Pandia Search News, and Alt Search Engines

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