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This weekend proved to be another successful weekend for Google. With the release of the search market data for August 2008, new features added to Google Maps for Mobile, and its partnering with GE on clean energy.


comScore Search Market Data for August 2008 Results Released

Of the 11.7 billion core seaches performed in the United States, during the month of August alone, Google's market share was 63%. Google saw a 1.1% increase in share since July at the expense of Microsoft and Yahoo.

My impression:

With the rise in market share coming from Google, Ask, and AOL I can't help but wonder what the future holds for Microsoft. Garrett Rogers of Googling Google provides Microsoft with some words of advice. What does not surprise me is that Google is realizing more of the market share. With their constant improvements and ease of use searchers are finding Google to be their one, quick stop when looking for information.

Update Added to Google Maps for Mobile

On Wednesday Google added a new version of Google Maps for Mobile providing the same street-level view available on desktops. The new features include:

  • Street View imagery
  • Walking directions
  • Business reviews

They already launched an update that allows for better location accuracy and increased search speed. Unfortunately, this newest version is only available for BlackBerry and other Java-enabled phones. Thankfully, they are working on bringing it to other platforms. (Phew for the iPhone owners)

Check out the new release in action:

My impression:

Google never seizes to amaze me! I am a little disappointed this is not yet available for the iPhone, but knowing Google it will be available shortly. I'm certainly not alone with several bloggers pleading for a similar iPhone Map Application. I currently have issues with the Google Maps on my iPhone not accurately finding my location. In addition, I would appreciate having it retrieve walking directions.

Too many times I wonder whether a restaurant is worth the drive. Google's new release never leave its user wondering. Google is expanding the means of information retrieval. Constantly building upon and improving their products because they realize the importance of user satisfaction.

Google and GE Unite


In hopes of providing customers with better energy choices Google has announced that they will be joining forces with GE. Combing their technology, information, and corporate resources in order to empower customers. They are focusing on:

  • Power Generation
  • Transmission
  • Distribution

==> A combination they hope to call "smart grid," but with the way electricity technologies are in common use today can be referred to as a "grid of only average intelligence."

The way they see it:

We all receive an electricity bill once a month that encourages little except prompt payment. What if, instead, we had access to real-time information about home energy use? What if our flat screen TVs, electronic equipment, lights and appliances were programmed to automatically adjust to save money and cut energy use? What if we could push a button and switch the source of our homes' electricity from fossil fuels to renewable energy? What if the car sitting in our garage ran on electricity – the equivalent of $1 per gallon gasoline – and was programmed to charge at night when electricity is cheapest?

Google and GE hope to develop policy and technology solutions to some of our major energy challenges. All the while moving the US toward a future based on renewable energy.

Our goal is to provide consumers with improved and expanded energy choices, whether it’s buying renewable power, driving a plug-in car, or reducing energy bills by managing home energy use.

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My impression:

Crazy. It appears Google is joining the trend in going green. Several questions came to mind after I read this. For example, why Google and GE? I'm also curious as to when they suspect to have at least an implementation plan set?

With the times being so hard, I can't see this announcement coming at a better time. It seems to me Google has no limits. I can't help but wonder what Google will think up next.

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