Industry Updates

On this page you should sign up for exactly one update. Put your user name in the appropriate column in the appropriate row. No two students can take the same cell, but more than one student can do an update on one day. I would prefer that, if someone is doing an industry update when someone else is doing either of the other two companies, then the industry update person should do what he or she can to focus on information other than those companies.

Class Industry Google Yahoo
Web search
Wiki instruction day
Search techniques 1 Brian H.
Search techniques 2 Roopak Pati Jennifer Stanczak
Web directories Paige Laytos
RSS introduction
RSS lab Tim Muir
News search
Cancelled (10/6)
The Deep Web Susan Kennedy
Email alerts Andrew H.
Page monitors Dylan Burkhardt
15 Max Rossiter Daniel Nicholls
16 Eric B.
17 Caitlin DeGregorio
18 Bryan Blum
20 Tyler Hauck
21 Kevin Schmidt
22 Hernando Flowers
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