02 Web Search exercises


  1. Explore Web search engines. We're going to compare three different Web search engines. First, we are going to do a basic search at each of them. What types of information are returned by each? How do they differ from each other?
    • Search for [climate change] at Google
    • Search for [climate change] at Yahoo
    • Search for [climate change] at Live Search
  2. Explore Blog search engines. Now we're going to look at three different blog search engines. We're going to search for the same term at each of these as well. What types of information are returned by these? What kinds of queries would you expect to use at a blog search engine?
  3. Other search engines. Again search for [climate change]. What information is captured by these search engines? When would you use either one of these search engines?
    • At Google News
    • At Clipoid
    • At Google Images
    • At Yahoo Directory — after entering the term and getting the results page, be sure to click on “Climate change” under “Related Search Categories” at the top of the page. Then explore this page that you get back. What is the benefit of this Web directory versus the full text search engines that you're familiar with?
  4. Search for [gerald ford]. Now search for [gerald ford] but not [automotive] and not [cars]. Notice how many documents are returned for the first search compared with the second. What pages are removed from the results?
  5. Search for pages that have ["climate change"] in the page title (Google & Yahoo)
  6. Search for [climate change] but only get results from epa.gov (Google & Yahoo)
  7. Search for [climate change] but only get results from government sites (Google & Yahoo)
  8. Search for [climate change] but only get results for sites that have [library] in the URL (Google & Yahoo)
  9. Search for pages that link to http://www.epa.gov/climatechange/ (Google & Yahoo)
  10. Search for information about financial information about Ford (stock symbol “F”) (Google & Yahoo)
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