24 Other Search Sites exercises


The exercises today are pretty simple. You're going to use each one of the alternative search engines to explore topics related to your project.

  1. Be sure not to miss the following alternative search sites:
    • SearchMe
    • CoolIris (if you have brought your own computer)
    • Kosmix (the results page on this site is as good as I have seen)
    • iSeek (use the left column to further refine your search)
    • FactBites (enter your search and then look carefully at the whole results page)
    • Quintura (use the term cloud to refine your search)
    • SenseBot In-depth Search (create an in-depth search for your topic)
    • Hakia (use the "news" tool)
    • Exalead (use the "narrow your search" tool box on the right)
    • Cluuz (explore the whole page after you enter your search term)
    • Evri (enter a person, product, or thing that you are interested in, and then explore the whole results page)
    • Scour (use the related searches to refine your search)
    • Cuil (use the “Explore by Category” tool to the right to refine your search)
    • Lexxe (use the clusters to the left to refine your search)
  2. Use both wikipedia search tools
  3. Use the first two social information search tools (OneRiot, tuSavvy) to search for information about your project.
  4. Use SiloBreaker to search for information about your project.
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