20 Geography based exercises


  1. Find a list of search engines for Australia
  2. Does Yahoo have a search engine home in Australia?
  3. Look through the directory of popular content on Google Maps.
    1. Find what's on the opposite side of the earth from your home town.
    2. Find some other content that you want to add to Google Maps
  4. Look through the home page of GoogleSightseeing; read one of the recent posts.
    1. Under "Sights by Locality", find one that interests you.
  5. Use WholeTravel to find some "sustainable" trips that you could make. I searched for [hiking mountains central america], but feel free to search for something more up your alley.
  6. Use TripBase to find out possible destinations for a trip you'll take the first summer after you have gotten a full time job.
    1. Use TripWolf to double check the information that you just found.
  7. Pick a U.S. city that you would like to visit, or just pick Ann Arbor or Detroit if you'd like. Use several of the local search engines to find restaurants and local events that would be of interest to you.
  8. Pick a U.S. city that you would like to visit.
    1. Use a couple of the travel directions sites to plan out the driving trip. When building the route, see if you can use the tool to specify several different stops along the trip.
    2. Use Roadside America to find some interesting tourist attractions along the way.
  9. Explore the variety of US and world maps available. You should especially note the maps that you can print and the CIA World Factbook maps.
  10. Check out the Brewster Jennings game.
  11. Just in case you're going to the moon, you might want to check out Google's map.
  12. Look over the maps of current interest (they always change).
  13. Try out this map maker. Add different layers and see how they can be combined.
  14. Explore some of the categories of maps at World Mapper.
  15. Where is the sun currently rising and setting in the world?
  16. Look at some of the tools available on EarthPulse.
  17. Use AuctionMapper to find some eBay auctions going on near here or near your home.
  18. Use either Oodle or LiveDeal to find search for some good (maybe some electronics?) for sale locally.
  19. Explore the value of houses in your home neighborhood using one of the real estate search tools.
  20. Plan out a walk (maybe your normal walk during the day) and see how long it is.
  21. Simply explore Wikimapia.
  22. Use a couple of the clock/time zone tools to find the times in Moscow, Tokyo, and Buenos Aires.
  23. If you don't download Google Earth to your own computer, I will have failed you. It is the most fun you can have (within context of a school-related activity, of course).
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