16 Image Search exercises


In this section you should look for information related to your term projects. Think about creating a page that points to images related to the topic at hand — you could have links that point to query results for each of these sites.

  1. Search the following general Web search engines:
  2. Search Flickr using both full text and tags
    • Use Flickr's search tool
    • Be sure to explore flickr as well — it's pretty cool
    • Use Compfight to search Flickr.
  3. Use the following image-specific search engines
    • Pixolu — be sure to refine your search a couple of times using different photos each time. Try to ensure that the pics that you use in each set are relatively similar — that will help the tool provide better results for you.
    • Exalead Images — get an account at Exalead, then run a couple of searches, then try out the image management tools that Exalead provides.
    • PicSearch
    • Picitup (video)
    • TinEye
  4. Search news sites for images:
  5. Try out the face search tools. Look for someone either related to your project, some other class, or just personal interest. Be sure to try out several queries for several different people in order to get a good feel for how well (or not) these tools work.
  6. Also search the stock photo sites. See if there seems to be any quality difference between the pay site (iStockPhoto) and the other sites.
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