Course policies
Honor code
Personal integrity and professionalism are fundamental values of the Ross Business School community. This course will be conducted in strict conformity with the Academic Honor Code. The Code and related procedures can be found at [ this page]. The site also contains comprehensive information on how to be sure that you have not plagiarized the work of others. Claimed ignorance of the Code and related information appearing on the site will be viewed as irrelevant should a violation take place. Non-Ross Business School students taking the course should also familiarize themselves with the Code as they will be subject to the Code as well while in this course.
Neither going to an office visit nor having an interview are valid excuses for missing an exam, turning an assignment in late, or not contributing to group work. It is up to you to ensure that you can contribute sufficiently to your project.
Showing up late for class
I have no trouble with you showing up late for class (provided that you have some reasonable reason for being late — don't simply make it a habit to show up late); however, I do ask that you not disturb the class by walking to or across the front (especially if the professor is lecturing or leading a discussion).
Turning in assignments late
If you turn in an assignment after it is due, you will be penalized a minimum of 20% if it's turned in by the end of the day it is due, 50% if it is turned in the next day, and no credit for any time after that.
I do not care if you come to class or not come to class. Really. Just so long as you turn in your assignments and do not have an adverse effect on the learning or grades of your classmates, it is up to you whether or not you come to class. However, know this: It is my goal to make coming to class be an indispensable part of your learning!
Services for Students with Disabilities
If you need an accommodation for a disability, please let me know at your earliest convenience. Some aspects of the course, the assignments, and the in-class activities may be modified to facilitate your participation and progress. As soon as you make me aware of your needs, we can work with the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities to help us determine appropriate accommodations. I will treat information you provide as private and confidential.
Computer-related caution
Since this course is dependent on computers (and their ability to be up and running), some adjustments may be made to the course syllabus and contents throughout the term. This may affect the timing of the assignments and other course activities. At various points in the term, the course schedule might be issued. (You should always assume that any printed schedule is out-of-date; look to the course Web site for the most up-to-date schedule.) Also, although UM and the Ross School supports the software and network being used for this course, and even though we are using sophisticated computers, nothing that involves computers ever goes as smoothly as planned. Please understand that this may result in certain inconveniences to you. Your responsibility in these matters is to report serious disturbances to the professor as soon as possible.
Check the Web site
Warning, warning: I will use the Web site for communicating with the class. You should check it every day during the semester.
Communicating with your professor
I much prefer that you use the Web site to communicate with me rather than using e-mail. I will check the discussion board frequently. If your situation is intensely personal (involving a death in the family or some medical test), then email or phone is okay. Otherwise, please use the Web site.
Religious holidays
I am aware of the religious holidays scheduled to take place this semester. I am also aware of, and fully supportive of, the University's policies on religious holidays and academic conflict . I believe that we do not have any assignments scheduled to be turned in on any of these days. However, we do have classes scheduled on some of these days; I encourage you to meet with other students and read the Web page to see what information you might have missed. After having done both of these, then you can come to me during office hours to get any clarification you might need.
We will be holding a class the Monday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It will be a regular class day. You can miss it just as you can miss any other class day, but you will be held responsible for the information just as you will be for any other class.
Final exam
We will not have a final exam.
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