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By Susan KennedySusan Kennedy (1228870600|%a, %b %e at %I:%M%p)

I loved working on this project!! This wiki is supposed to provide an overview on the state of Walt Disney Pictures as it stands today, its affiliation with Pixar, and its current and upcoming projects. Some of the other parts should include suggested search techniques and presentation elements. These objectives should be made clear in the "About Me" and "My Research" tabs. Be sure to visit those tabs because there is a link in there that isnt found anywhere else on the site. (i.e. What this research does not cover)


  • Something I have always been really interested in is presentation. That tended to something I highly prioritized. I ended up spending excessive amounts on this (almost to the point of insanity). As a result, I had less time than desired to cover everything that I wanted to. Some of the topics that I would have loved to cover were:
    • Alternative Search Engines
    • Meta Search Engines
    • News Sites

In all honesty I couldn't have worked that much harder on this site. I guess part of it is that because the concept is so strait forward for Americans, that I thought it was important to focus on the site itself so that this site is differentiated from similar sites out there on the web.

  • I ended up added a lot more to my custom search engine. Lots of the new links were alternative search engines. Sadly, I ran out of time to discuss this and add more details to the search engine page.
  • Also, some of the topics ended up being covered less in depth than I would have liked, simply because the whole project ended up being so time consuming. I ended up spending around 17 hours on the project this weekend alone. I am sorry for not completing it better.
  • The content I did towards the end of the semester will probably look a lot better than the content at the end (once I had direction). Sorry about the inconsistencies.
  • If I had more time I would have loved to polish this site up even more.

Key Parts

  • There are lots of good details in the Background portion of the site. Be sure to look at all of the sections.
  • I spent a lot of time going over the Sources that I used for my Disney Blog entries. These sources were put into RSS feeds in several different ways: either RSS, dapper, or yahoo pipes. I tried to organize my blogroll based on how the feed was created. If you click on the links in the sources review page, you can see all of the details. I loved Yahoo Pipes and almost wished we could have spent a little more time on it in class.
  • The This Site tab also has some really good stuff in it….my favorite parts are in the Presentation Elements tab.

Most of the site should be pretty easy to navigate, but I am sorry if it isn't….I forget that for people that havn't used it might be confusing.

Thank you again for all of your effort this semester, this really was the best class I have taken in college!!!

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