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For my project I created a guide for potential entrepreneurs who are interested in expanding their idea into a product and also acquiring funding for their startups. I tried to do this by examining some general information, some issues effecting the industry as well as new interesting startups.


  • Blogroll - I loved some of the resources that I picked up in my blogroll. These were really interesting and I'll continue to read them every day. This is a field I am already interested in so I found reading day to day industry news to be very interesting.
  • Custom Search Engine - Before I only knew that custom search engines could be made to search a personal page, finding out that I could search other peoples pages was news to me. I really liked how this came out and it's very useful.
  • Pipes News Feed - I really liked setting up the Pipes News Feed. Incorporating an RSS feed into the wiki site is very cool and a feature I didn't expect.
  • Organization - I think there is a good organizational structure of my wiki. There are categories and they can be called onto a page to make a list. I really like this functionality of the wiki.
  • Current Events - While there isn't really a stream of news that you can follow for a specific company, I really liked looking at some of the issues that pertain to the startup community. New ways of marketing, issues that affect the community, and things like that were really interesting to follow and there were lots of good resources for these.

Things I would have done differently

  • Get the organization setup earlier. Late in the project I changed a lot of pages into categorized short articles that could be called. I should have done this a lot earlier.
  • Done more with the design. I was frustrated most of the time that I had to use the wiki code and this held me back from trying to be creative with the template. Often times when I would write my articles I would find I had typed <a href=" instead of [[…
  • Do a different topic - I thought my topic was a little hard to follow because at times it was too broad. It was hard to focus on specific issues. The other problem with my topic is that I didn't find a lot of media type stuff. There isn't a lot of music or videos about entrepreneurship that I found to be that interesting.

Overall I really enjoyed the project. I loved learning a new interface like wikidot and think it was a worthwhile experience. It would be cool to see more collaboration between wikis because I think just creating your own wiki kind of defeats the purpose of the wiki idea. Maybe have group projects in the future to really embrace the collaboration on a wiki.

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