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Goal of the SaaS Wiki

The purpose of my Wiki was to inform an industry analyst about what is Software-as-a-Service, why it is important, and how to stay up-to-date with the latest news. Due to many different aspects and companies within the SaaS industry, I chose to focus on only four of biggest players - Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and After evaluating a set of search tools and relevant RSS feeds, I provided the industry analyst with a tutorial on how to use my Wiki to its fullest potential and continue following the SaaS industry.

Highlights of the SaaS Wiki

Side and Top Menus - I believe my menus were designed well and fully emcompases every element of my wiki. The side bar was meant to get the viewer to background pages and some outside sources. The top bar was focused on elements of the Wiki that had multiple pages.

SaaS Background Page - Of any individual page on the site, I think this is my favorite one. It is extremely informative and concisely explains why SaaS is important.

Current Events (Home & SaaS 4 News) - I put a lot of time into providing current events over the last 2 - 21/2 months. The page tabs look very nice and lets all the articles be on one page without overwhelming the viewer. Also, as discussed in class, I used the @URL technique for the "date" attribute to backdate pages when necessary.

BlogRoll/RSS Feeds - Compiling, following, and evaluating 30+ feeds was very time consuming; however, all of these feeds are pretty good and interesting. Also, these feeds incorporate how I took advantage of other tools (Yahoo Pipes, Bloglines, Google News, etc) to create my own RSS feeds.

SaaS Search Engine - The SaaS Search engine was very helpful and produces some great results. It's performance was very surprising and am I am happy with how it turned out.

Wiki Aesthetics - Overall, I think my Wiki is very easy to read and is organized well. I generally close down websites that either don't look right or are tough to read, so I made sure I spent time making my Wiki look good enough for people to stay and read it. This was shown through the organization of my home page, the menus, and the design-aspects of my resource evaluation.

In Hindsight I Wish I…

  • Had dedicated some time to more "fun" SaaS news. There are ton of really cool new SaaS applications that just get lost in the shuffle. Instead of spending time on (which ended up not having much information), I should have made my fourth "area of interest" be more general.
  • Had more time to deeply evaluate resources. I focused more on evaluating a lot of resources instead of writing a really thorough review of each one like a real reviewer would. I could have spend 3-5 hours on most of the resources but instead had to spend only 10-15 minutes (tops).
  • Created a more unique site theme. I would have liked to use some CSS knowledge to create my own custom theme, graphics, buttons, etc.
  • Been able to work on it with a partner. It would have been fun to be able to discuss to the news and jointly evaluate resources.
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