Resizing Your Images in Wikidot

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Wikidot actually makes resizing your images pretty easy. You can read their description of how to do it here, but I'm actually just going to summarize it for you too.

So, if your image is stored as a file on your Wikidot page or is a Flickr image, you can use really easy codes. Basically, adding size= followed by "small", "medium", or "large" will pull the right size of the image from Wikidot or Flickr.

For example, typing:

[[image flickr:2984243110 size="small"]]

Yields the following result:

If I put:

[[image flickr:2984243110 size="medium"]]

I get a bigger picture:

Also, for any site that is not Flickr or Wikidot, you can also resize pictures, but the code is a little bit different. In this case, you define the size of the picture by the number of pixels you want it to have in its width or height.

For example, I can put:

[[image width="400px"]]

I will get the following image, 400 pixels wide:

If I want to make it bigger, I merely up the amount of pixels:

[[image width="500px"]]

And the picture is bigger!

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