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Since Social Software is such a broad category and so many people with no authority write blogs about it, it is very hard to find credible sites of information on the subject. This is where I realized news search engines would be very useful. In this blog, I will explore news search engines that I didn't even know existed before this class. Hopefully, they will help me find more information on social software.


Google News Archive

The most intriguing and interesting search to me in class was the Google News Archive. Since Social Software is just in the last couple of years becoming such a popular thing, I figured a timeline might be a uselful tool to look at. Indeed, it was and my prediction was correct. The number of sites on the topic was small and stayed pretty steady until about the year 2001, and then steadily increased up until the present. Now it is almost triple the amount than it was in 2002. I would definately recommend Google Archive if you want to track the progression of information about a topic.


My next news search was through site called Jamesoo. I thought the name sounded pretty funny and I questioned its abilities and also its statement on its homepage "Find what you'll never expect." This time I was definately proven wrong in my first reaction. I am amazed by this site and think it is probably one of the coolest that I have learned about it this class. What makes it so different from Google News and Yahoo News, is that it formats the page to look like a real newspaper, with tabs on the side to get to page 2, 3, and so on. The site even adds humor to the fact that it looks like a newspaper, stating in the top right corner "Please do not litter your computer after reading." In addition to the layout, I found the information in my search for Social Software to be very relevant to what I was looking for. The only downfall of Jamesoo that I found was no link to an RSS feed for searches. I wish there was one because this would be a very helpful feed to have on a blogroll to find information on the Social Software Industry.


LexisNexis News

Finally, I will search LexisNexis News. My first impression was that it seemed very professional looking and credible, the opposite of Jamesoo. My impression was also biased because when I hear LexisNexis, I think of the search database that I used through the library for papers and projects. However, when I tried using the search box to search for my term project topic, a new window opened from LexisNexis that said there was an error. Now I'm not sure if the search function is just down now or the site is not very reliable in general, but it definately discourages me from using it as a news search engine in the future. On the other hand, if you are just browsing top news stories in large categories such as Businees or Sports, there are links directly on the homepage to what seem to be good sources. Unfortunately, however, LexisNexis News did not help me with my search for Social Software because it is not a common category.

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