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My Wiki

I did my wiki on the unstable, inefficient U.S. airline industry. The contents of my site are fairly basic and easy to follow, but I will highlight some of the more interesting parts for you:

  • Home page: I wanted to make the home page easy to follow and a good introduction to the rest of the project. I used both the top and side tool bars as ways to explore the wiki. I added a few images to make the page a little more attractive.
  • Instructions: I provided two instruction pages…
  1. Background information: My thought process was that if the new analyst would want more information on the background of the airline industry he or she could utilize some of the resources that I found most interesting. I wanted to emphasis how different the tools used for the background information and the currents events are for the airline industry. Thus, I separated my instructions for each.
  2. Current Events: Basically I had the same thought process as above (background information.) I provided a screen shot of the email alerts that proved to be useful in the finding of on-going developments in the airline industry. I explained the process I had to go through in order to stay on top of the daily changes in the industry, in order for the new analyst to know what he is getting into.
  • Current Events: There are a couple features about the current events that I tried to make pretty cool. I put them on the home screen in order to emphasis the importance of the developments of the airline industry. It is an ever-changing industry and with all that has happened recently I wanted to make it clear they were easily accessible. I also put them on my side tool bar, which takes you to a page that has all the current events listed in order. Lastly, when you access the current events through the top tool bar it lists all the on-going stories with their pictures.
  • Custom Search Engine: I really enjoyed this part and screen shots as you can tell. I liked being able to develop something that portrays my knowledge on the topic.
  • Time Line: Although it looks fairly simple, this part took a good amount of time to develop and find all the necessary information. I was pretty proud of it when I was finished.
  • Information Resources: This part of the project was challenging. I wanted to illustrate that the tools that can be useful for the overall topics are different, so I put them in a tab view.

There is a lot more that I wish I could have done with the project given more time like changing the format of some of the pages to be more interesting. Additionally, I would have liked to provide more background information that pertained to the time line like have the different dates like to a page that depicts the impact of each event. I may still do all these things just because of all the time I have already invested in it why not have it be the exact way I want. I hope you enjoy my wiki!

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