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The topic of my wiki site is the music recording industry. I chose this industry to study and take a closer look at because new things are always happening within the industry and I am a big fan of music. I found the topic to be pretty interesting throughout the semester and I was able to use a lot of web-related tools to stay on top of the news.

From my wiki site's homepage you can get to all the important pages that pertain to my project on the music industry. The homepage has a convenient table of contents for easy navigation to different pages. In addition, the top tool bar has drop down menus through which you can access every page. Provided at the bottom of my site's homepage is a link to the custom search engine I created. I have compiled all my best resources into this custom search engine and it does a great job of finding the great information about the music industry. After the homepage comes an assortment of pages that really give a good and in-depth analysis of the music recording industry. I provide great background and facts on the music industry which I then used to complete a five forces analysis. Another important page on my wiki site is comprised of my analysis on Universal Music Group (UMG). Of all of the businesses that are involved in the music industry, UMG is the best performer. I thought an analysis like this was necessary so that any analyst who might be studying the industry, could see what the best performing company was doing to be successful. After my complete analysis on the music industry I list pages for ongoing events and my web resources. The ongoing events page shares some of the most interesting articles I found during the semester through the use of web search tools. The last page of my blog compiles all of the web resources I used throughout the semester that helped me stay up-to-date on the music industry. These resources were key to me providing good background for my analysis.

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