Internet Traffic Growth

By samooresamoore (1220466643|%a, %b %e at %I:%M%p)

I knew traffic on the Internet was growing fairly quickly, but I had no idea it was to this extent.

I just came across this quote at this link from BusinessWeek:

The problem is, there's little evidence of any capacity shortage. Despite a surge in online video watching, the growth of Internet traffic does not appear to be accelerating. An ongoing Internet traffic study at the University of Minnesota and parallel research by Cisco Systems (CSCO) show that traffic is growing at 35% to 50% a year, about the same rate as in the past several years.

Wow. 35-50% per year?!? Elsewhere in the article they state that they expect traffic to increase 50-fold by 2015. Wow. Think about the kinds of investments that would be needed to support this type of increase in demand.

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