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As a self proclaimed 'webmaster,' Google Analytics is one of my favorite tools. The depth of information that you can collect about your users using this FREE service is really amazing. Some of my favorite features include site usage statics, the map overlay and traffic sources overview.

Site Usage Statics

The site usage statics provide a quick summary of the traffic your website. You can see the number of visits, pages views, pages per visit, average time on your site, percent of new visits and so on…. It really lets you know how you’re doing and allows you to analyze the data in different time segments and compare the data to different time periods. For example, you can compare the number of visits from 3-4 PM yesterday to the number of visits from 3-4 PM someday three months ago.

Map Overlay

The map overview is a really cool feature. It allows you to see where your visitors are located, down to the actual city. This feature is particularly useful when you are trying to optimize a site for a particular country or region or for example, when you are working on an retail website with the goal of driving in-store as well as online traffic.

Traffic Sources Overview

The traffic sources overview lets you know how your visitors find your site. You can find out if they typed your domain name into their browser, clicked on link on anther site (and what sites have links to site) or found you using a search engine (and what search engine and what they typed into the search bar). It allows to know what your users are looking for and provides a good insight into how to begin optimizing your site.

I’m Watching You

Just to let you know (and to tie this back to the project), I installed Google Analytics on this website. Don't do anything too crazy…

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