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By Eric BrackmannEric Brackmann (1228152319|%a, %b %e at %I:%M%p)

So, I've been using the various image search engines we explored in BIT 330 over the last few days and thought that I would create a table to compare a handful of engines on their search features.

Image Search Engines
Search by Google Images Ask Images Yahoo Images Exalead Images
Size x x x x
File Type x x
Color x x x
Content (faces) x x
Orientation x

It seems the engine that provides the best package of search features is Exalead Images. The service also allows you to save your images on a free a online account; making it an all around winner in image search.


Using Tineye

I’ve also found Tineye to be a great tool. I do a little bit of graphic design work every now and then and am always in need of high quality photos. Most the time I use stock photography (StockXchng is my favorite), but I can never find product logos. For example, this weekend I was designing a postcard for a local retailer and could not find a decent Rocky Brands logo. I could find a really bad one on Google Images, so I put it into TinEye and, like magic, I had what I needed.

For the Project

I’ve also decided that the homepage of my project needed more (and better) pictures. FYI, I searched for [Biofuels], [Geothermal Power], [Solar Energy], [Wind Energy], [Hydroelectric Power] and [Nuclear Energy] (respectively) in Exalead Images and Google Images.

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