Bloglines and Google Reader

By Eric BrackmannEric Brackmann (1223484977|%a, %b %e at %I:%M%p)

So, I've had a few days to play with both Bloglines and Google Reader and decided to compare the two services…


To be honest, both services perform the same function. They pull the information I'm looking for from across the web and deliver it in one convenient place. They also have many of the same features (recommendations, search, import/export…). From a function stand point, it’s a tie.


I’ll say it – Google just looks better. It has a pleasing, modern layout and color scheme. Bloglines, on the other hand, looks like it hasn’t seen a major design update in the last ten years. Its color scheme and multi-fame layout scream 1997. The look points are defiantly Goggle’s.

Set-up & Everyday Use

Once again, Google Reader wins major points. I’m not saying that set-up at Bloglines wasn’t easy, but the fact that I already use Google’s services means that my Google Reader account was up and running in one click. Additionally, because I use Gmail, I log into my Google account at every computer I use and can surf effortlessly between my mail, documents and reader. Having to login to Bloglines takes too much effort…

Extra Credit

Well, as if this wasn’t already a one sided battle, Google also wins bonus points for its recommended feeds. Not only did it recommend feeds that relate to the feeds I imported for my project (Alternative Energy in the US), it also found feeds that interest me - business and local news feeds. It’s kind of scary to know that Google is watching my every internet move, but kind of cool to see how amazingly accurate their recommendations are.

And the winner is…

Well, let me total up the points, yep, Google Reader wins. I couldn’t really even give Bloglines some pity points, unless you consider the function tie to be worth a point. The most important lesson from this exercise, Google cannot be beat.

A quick follow up…

I felt so bad for Bloglines that I searched around to see if they were planning any updates and found Bloglines Beta, an updated Bloglines platform. I logged in and then it crashed. Awesome.

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