Sending PricewaterhouseCoopers Through Pipes

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Currently I am preparing for my first interivew of my recruiting process for a Technology Advisory Intern position at PricewaterhouseCoopers. In class, a suggestion was to use one of the new page monitor tools to keep track of new information about a company. Thus, that is exactly what I did. I will give a brief overview on what Yahoo Pipes is, show how I created my pipe, and comment on the results.

Why Use Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo Pipes is an extremely interesting and powerful tool that lets people take a information from across the web, combine it, filter it, and mash it up in almost any way possible. Some examples of cool Pipe creations are Hot Deals Pipe, which lets you enter 1-3 items you are interested in finding good deals on, and People Search, which lets you enter in a first/last name and find images and news about the name.

Yahoo Pipes is an advanced version of FeedRinse - a tool that takes a set of RSS feeds and filters the content based on your interests. FeedRinse focuses just on RSS/XML pages while Yahoo Pipes lets users extract data from HTML pages, Flickr photos, Google Base, and Yahoo Search.

How I Created the PwC Pipe

Creating a new pipe is a fun experience for anyone who likes Legos or just mashing things together. It's user interface is pretty slick and really makes you feel like you have complete control over what you're making. My PricewaterhouseCoopers pipe is extremely simple compared to the ultra-complex creations some people have made. However, it takes some time and a strong programming background to go beyond what I can do.

After deciding "What is my objective?" for my pipe, the next step is to decide "Where am I going to get my data from?" I usually use Google Base and Yahoo Search in my pipes, so those were a given. The queries are the same for both (intitle:PricewaterhouseCoopers AND advisory). Google Base will give me links to articles, blogs, and press releases about my topic while Yahoo Search will return basic search results. However, I restricted the Yahoo Search result to not include any result from "" because I have page monitors from WatchThatPage and Feed43 to watch for new job postings.

I then found 5-6 RSS feeds related to the Big4 & PricewaterhouseCoopers. For the Big4 blogs, I filtered the results using the "Filter" operator to only permit entries that contain PwC or PricewaterhouseCoopers. Unfortunately, screenshots of my final pipe do not work.

What I Discovered

My pipe worked perfectly and I already have a lot of good information to read on PwC. I will also have access to any new information between now and my interview date. Here is a partial list of the articles/blogs my pipe returned:

I hope this pipe will help me impress the interviewer with some knowledge of the latest PwC news. I also look forward to using Yahoo Pipes more in the future and learning how its more advanced abilities.

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