The SaaS Search Engine

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Have you ever felt Google was too broad a tool to use? Did receiving 1,200,000 results about a topic seem daunting to browse? That is the solution that custom search engines bring! Essentially, the SaaS Search Engine was created to focus on retrieving information about SaaS topics from websites and news sites related to the industry. That way, all the results you receive are relevant and come from similar sources. The SaaS Search Engine was built using Google Custom Search Engine - a tool that lets you wittle down Google's massive index of websites into whatever you like. I am going to briefly mention how the search engine was made and then look at how useful the search results of the Search Engine are.

Building the SaaS Search Engine

  • Basics
    • Name
    • Description
    • Keywords (Default Search Queries)
  • Sites (Content to Search)
  • Look and Feel
  • Make Money (Add AdWords)

The sites used to create the SaaS Search Engine were:

  • - Frequently updated blog on SaaS applications
  • - Ditto
  • - Comprehensive technology news sites
  • - Sister site to CNet
  • - Part of the SaaS 4
  • - Part of the SaaS 4
  • Part of the SaaS 4
  • - News site dedicated to watching Google
  • - News site dedicated to watching Microsoft

How Useful is the SaaS Search Engine

It is very difficult to classify what is “useful” or what is not. Since the sites/content was chosen by me, it is pretty obvious that at least the overwhelming majority of the search results will be relevant. However, I will try to enter in some different queries and go through what the SaaS Search Engine returns.

Cloud Computing

Image Search

Live Mesh

Google Apps

Comments: The results I received when entering these queries were extremely satisfying. As time goes on and more sites are added to the SaaS Search Engine, this can become an extremely valuable tool to find new information about the SaaS industry. My only complaint is that Google's custom search engine software only relates to web search (not Blog, Image, News, etc).

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