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Well, as you know, my wiki dives into the fun and exciting world of alternative energy in the US. Some of the content is more fun and exciting than others… Nonetheless, there are few things to note while looking around my site.

  • I think the over look of the welcome page is nice. I used tables… It also had a pretty good introduction to the topic and displays current events, my blogs and the site’s tags.
  • The special RSS tools page goes over how I utilized Yahoo Pipes – my Alternative Energy Super Pipe is pretty cool.
  • The ongoing news is pretty interesting; it certainly gives you good picture of what is going on right now.
  • Page monitors were basically useless (it’s kind of funny - you can tell how frustrated I got with page monitors as you read how I used them).
  • Generally, I tried to provide an analysis of the tools we used in class as well as the actual sources I found. Most of the pages on the left hand menu (the tools) include sections on how I used the tool, what I got, examples of what I got and, finally, my evaluation of the tool. It’s organized by tool, rather than topic, to try and drive home the importance of the tools.
  • That being said, I then also organized the content by topic (energy quick links at the top) to facilitate actual future research. Unfortunately, the content is not linked. I would have liked it to be, but I just didn’t have the time… Maybe I’ll do it over break just so I can say I did.
  • I would also take a look at my custom search engine. Not only is actually imbedded in the page, but it also builds on the work of others by utilizing a meta site in its search.
  • Finally, I also added Google Adsense ads to my site. I don’t expect to make anything, but the ads are there nonetheless.

Have fun!

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