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I really enjoyed putting together my site on the Aerospace and defense industry. This is an industry that I've always been fascinated by, and this project has only increased my interest in this area. With that said, I wish I could have devoted more time each week to working on my site. Between other group projects, interviews, and recruiting events, I didn't get to add the amount of information that I would have liked to. However, I do believe that I provide a lot of relevant information that would benefit any incoming analyst.

Things To Look Out For

I actually included this "What To Watch For" description on my site. Basically the following list describes the areas and facets of my project that I am most proud of:


  • Extensive use of images/video
  • Provision of pertinent industry-related links
  • Extensive use and provision of resources
    • Name and access information
    • Frequency information
    • Example queries
    • Example return information
    • Evaluation score
    • Use of screen shots to present information efficiently


  • Informative "About" section
  • Overall organization of website
    • Simple
    • Descriptive
    • Efficient

If I Could Do It Again

If I had the opportunity to do this project over, I would try to keep up with current events more. The A&D industry is one of the busiest known to man. I don't think there's a day that goes by where a major defense contractor does not release some sort of press statement. Just yesterday I learned that President-elect Obama is considering the elimination of NASA's Constellation program, which I discuss in detail. Clearly this would be a huge blow to the aerospace industry, and the three firms in particular that are working on the program. This exemplifies why I wish I could have included more information on current events. Other than that, I would have probably included more videos, as the A&D industry is one that is best seen and heard rather than read about (think of an F-35 taking off vertically).

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