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(I sent this as an email, except for the one bold sentence below. This is just for record keeping.)

Just a clarification: I'm getting test questions from

  • your questions
  • your notes
  • my slides
  • my daily notes
  • daily exercises

And that's in no particular order. (I'm not anywhere near done putting it together.) I'm looking for a couple of things in putting together the questions:

  • Would you know the answer just by completing the exercises (and meaningfully reflecting on those exercises)?
  • Would you know the answer if you knew the main points from each day's lecture? (Which, in theory, relates to pertinent knowledge in the world of search.)

Better questions would be about information that will be useful for the next 3-5 years. Acceptable questions would be questions that would show that 1) you understand and are familiar with today's search technologies, 2) you are a skilled user of today's search technologies, 3) you will be an informed consumer of soon-to-appear search technologies. I'm looking to test you on useful information.

Worse questions would be about 1) insignificant details related to specific technologies that we are currently using, 2) generalizations about technology that don't help you evaluate new technologies or understand existing technologies.

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