Term Project Status Report 1

By samooresamoore (1222641679|%a, %b %e at %I:%M%p, last edited at 1222641679|%a, %b %e at %I:%M%p)

The status report is due on September 29. None of this is new, but I want to be sure that you understand what is required:

  • I met with most of you (but not all; this was a requirement).
  • Be sure to read the term project page, especially under Status Report.
  • Change the title of your wiki on the list of wikis.
  • Change the title of your wiki on your wiki's Site Manager page.
  • Your wiki start page should have a description of your research topic.
  • You do not need to turn anything in for this assignment. I will check it all online. The only page on your wiki that I will look at is the start page (and the title of the wiki).

See you in class!

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