RSS Feeds And Your Term Project

By samooresamoore (1228093657|%a, %b %e at %I:%M%p, last edited at 1228094508|%a, %b %e at %I:%M%p)

I noticed several things about RSS feeds and the difference for those who handle this part better than others:

  • There are a selection of RSS feeds from specific Web sites that are specific to your topic.
  • There are RSS feeds from a variety of social and news sites that might be filtered using Yahoo Pipes into one tightly focused feed. This feed is then documented clearly so that the reader knows what he/she is getting.

Further, (and this is not at all required) there is a Feed module defined by Wikidot that allows you to put the RSS feed contents themselves right within Wikidot pages (if, and only if, you are interested in doing such a thing). I'm only putting this here for those of you who are interested because I just found this module.

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