Putting An Image On A Web Page

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If you are a UM student, you should be able to upload images onto your personal IFS space and then make those images appear in your wiki (or this wiki).

Instructions for making images available are on this page. You only need to use MFile to set this up.

After going through the above steps, I would make a subdirectory named classes within the html directory, and then I would make a subdirectory named bit330f08 within the classes subdirectory. For any images that you want to publish somewhere on the Web (for example, on a wiki), put it in this subdirectory. The URL of this file would be


As an aside, after going through all of the above steps, you should move all of your class-related files (from all classes) out of the subdirectory ~uniqname/ and put them into the subdirectory ~/uniqname/Private/. If files are in the ~/uniqname/ subdirectory and not within the ~/uniqname/Private/ subdirectory, then anyone who has a uniqname can see those files; once you have put them into the ~/uniqname/Private/ subdirectory, then you will be the only one to be able to see those files. You might also think about making separate subdirectories within ~/uniqname/Private/ for each of your classes.

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