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There's nothing new in this announcement — I'm just clarifying some instructions. Again, there's nothing new here.

In general, throughout the information sources section of the wiki, the more you can instruct the reader, the more useful you can make it to your "successor", the better your evaluation will be.

  • Where did you get such useful information about this topic?
  • How might a person be able to stay on top of any new developments?
  • Where can I find good sources of background information on this topic?
  • Finally, and probably most difficult:
    • How might a person find new sources of information that crop up in the next year or two?
    • What types of queries should be done to look for these new sources?
    • Are there specific bloggers that are to be most trusted?
    • Are there specific collections of resources that seem to be updated most frequently and diligently?

You are instructing the analyst who is taking over your position at the end of December. It is your responsibility to not only prepare a good report (i.e., wiki) describing the status of the topic at the end of December, but it is also your responsibility to ensure that he/she will be able to carry on your tradition of excellence (that you are helping to establish with this wiki). You are informing and instructing with this wiki.

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